~bn Sneak Peek:  Spokes of an Uneven Wheel by Colin Dodds

~bn favorite and long-time contributor, Colin Dodds has a new collection of poetry coming out next month, “Spokes of an Uneven Wheel” and BlogNostics has been lucky enough to secure a copy for review, forthcoming concurrent with the July release. From the promo copy:

“When I read Colin’s work, one of his own lines comes to mind: “What persists / is glad amazement.” His work consistently delights with humor, inventiveness, a blessed dose of sarcasm and, yes, wisdom (despite his best intentions). We are all “born for that other thing,” and this is that other thing.”

– Sharon Mesmer, author, “Greetings from My Girlie Leisure Place”

“Spokes of an Uneven Wheel speaks for noses out of joint, joints out of town, and entire towns out of luck. And we are there too, among the overcast of characters. Like a singer songwriter who’s masterpiece depends on laryngitis and a guitar in the pawnshop, in total exile from easy street. But exile from is also exile to, where despite the bleak economics, overbooked disappointment calendars, and a landscape of scapegoats, we prevail together.”

– Brendan, author, “If this is paradise why are we still driving?”

As a teaser, we include here one of the poems from the collection, “A Progressive Index of Quick Advice”. Look for more in the coming weeks.

JB/DSS Editors, BlogNostics




A Progressive Index of Quick Advice by Colin Dodds

                                       A Progressive Index of Quick Advice
                     for the very mortal 
        You may be nothing much
        But that doesn’t make you nothing

                     for the broke 
        Think of how it would feel
to be home and safe forever
from suffering, labor and fear
         Then try to feel that way here and now
It may be the only way

                      for the greedy
         The shift from asking What’s in it for me?
to asking What’s in it?
         May liberate

                      for the employed
           If anyone tells you that God,
Author of the universe and Confounder of empire,
loves a kiss-ass,
          Be suspicious

        for the bewildered
        It’s not that there are no answers
        But there’s a right and wrong season
to hunt every beast

                      for overcoming time
        Waking, in the sleepwalker towns,
begins with a kind of hypnosis
        Just as four walls, ceiling and floor can close off all space
you can close off all of time
        First, recognize the familiarity of the present scenario
        Then stare into the innate inevitability of it
        And unimagine the future and past
        They recede easily
        The malleability of the mind
isn’t to make fools of us
        It’s so we might handle time and desire
like any other material
to overcome the world and begin the work
of building heaven

©2018 Colin Dodds

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Colin Dodds is a writer. He grew up in Massachusetts and lived in California briefly, before finishing his education in New York City. Since then, he’s made his living as a journalist, editor, copywriter and video producer. His poems, short stories and essays have appeared in more than three hundred publications, been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and the Best of the Net Anthology. He has also directed a short film and built a twelve-foot-high pyramid out of PVC pipe, plywood and zip ties. One time, he rode his bicycle a hundred miles in a day. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife and daughter. You can find more of his work at thecolindodds.com.

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