Ignition Point Poems by Gary Beck

Ignition Point
Ignition Point


Non-Scientific Inquiry

I do not know
if I’ll return
after death
in human form,
the wheel of fate
making its turn.
Heaven or hell
has no allure,
beyond my comprehension
how human institutions
resemble imagined creations.
Resurrection alien
to my limited biology,
almost as foreign
as nothingness,
a concept not in my sphere.
So when I die
there will be something new,
or non-existence,
leaving one conclusion,
to better use
the time I have.

Seasonal Difference

As the days get warmer
skirts get shorter
baring tantalizing flesh
to those who care to look,
abundant protein,
tolerant customs,
enriches westerners,
alienates Muslims.


What I have done
that affected others
with pain and suffering
was never meant
with evil intent,
just acts of blindness,
of the needs of others,
carelessly abandoned
to whatever fate
I do not know,
no remedy
for wrong actions,
a daily reminder
there is no forgiveness
for cruel behavior.


Birds do not have
indoor plumbing,
mostly by chance.
Nature’s selection,
human intervention,
to interfere
with normal function.


I seek high places,
soul adrift
in the suppuration
of silence,
parting clouds of sorrow
painting sterile landscapes,
sad lamentations for yesterdays,
in porous pursuits
discovering danger
in this ravaged land
of material appetite,
diminishing icebergs
crowded with sea creatures
no longer singing
beast songs,
by the crush of man
sucking the juices
from a weary land,
once fertile loins closing,
sweet intercourse,
no longer devoted
to reproduction,
removing responsibility
for dwindling tomorrows.

© 2018 Gary Beck


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Gary Beck has spent most of his adult life as a theater director, and as an art dealer when he couldn’t make a living in theater. He has 11 published chapbooks. His poetry collections include: Days of Destruction (Skive Press), Expectations (Rogue Scholars Press). Dawn in Cities, Assault on Nature, Songs of a Clerk, Civilized Ways, Displays (Winter Goose Publishing). Fault Lines, Perceptions, Tremors and Perturbations will be published by Winter Goose Publishing. Conditioned Response (Nazar Look). Resonance (Dreaming Big Press). His novels include: Extreme Change (Cogwheel Press) Acts of Defiance (Artema Press). Flawed Connections (Black Rose Writing). Call to Valor will be published by Gnome on Pigs Productions. His short story collection, A Glimpse of Youth (Sweatshoppe Publications). Now I Accuse and other stories will be published by Winter Goose Publishing. His original plays and translations of Moliere, Aristophanes and Sophocles have been produced Off Broadway. His poetry, fiction and essays have appeared in hundreds of literary magazines. He currently lives in New York City.


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