The Selma March Circa 1965 by Sy Roth


we are all linked–
even the trees
observing each other
in a surveillance of the crenelated
march stepping toward
the something
of warning
of wanting
waylaid by the impediments
they put before us
until a blank wall
an Ahab moment
pushes back
and we sink to the floor of an ocean
trapped beneath pop tops
crammed between the flotsam and jetsam
of the others
consumed in the muck and mire
of obliteration
and we weep because there are no answers
only more interrogatives
until we scream
no more–
no more questions
let me eat my cheerios in peace
let me be lost in the soft crunch of them
and be lulled by the crackling jaw bones
while the trees sway
and mutely swoosh
and the whole world
a uni-cell
watches and waits
for Eliahu to enter
unannounced into the meal
and he sips your wine
while we wait
for the darkness to fall
and the meal to end

@2018 Sy Roth


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