New Days Bring Old Trappings of Understanding by e.a. toles

it is the morning
before my brain has a life of its own
that is when i am with you.

fogged exhalation
flurry rush of lips

your words
your spirit

running down me like boiling honey.

silent silhouettes
hush of a kiss

tongues which do not slip
they are souls as blades grace

a frigid lake.

something in the sulking eve
spirits share kinetic exchanges.

they share sunrises

braid the manes of mares
suckle love’s paradoxically

tenderest parts.

across temperaments,
i am isolation-

self imposed to create memories
to ascertain the symmetry of monuments.

you baptized days
baptized her songs

you baptized fairs
baptized funk beers

you baptized trader joes and new
York and silence and distance
and the mystic of equine ferality.

© 2018 e.a. toles


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e.a. toles is an author living in Los Angeles. He has published poems with Figroot Press and is currently writing news articles for the Non-Plus Ultra.


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