Troglodytes by Craig Kurtz


The Rights of Women, says a female pen,
are, to do everything as well as men.
To think, to argue, to decide, to write,
To talk, undoubtedly—perhaps, to fight.
—Edward Nares, Prologue to Elizabeth Inchbald’s
Everyone Has His Fault (1793).


These are the days of women’s rights
when dames, like dudes, are troglodytes;
it used to be lasses were cute
but now, like guys, they are hirsute;
we call this parity lawful
when both sexes become awful;
when women’s liberation wins
most gals become Republicans;
the right-wing freedom to wage war
is what those suffragettes marched for;
instead of making men more sweet,
this feminism’s all red meat;
instead of a world epicene,
let’s have the other half more mean;
who needs sophistication when
the default’s rudely masculine;
we’re all equal, gauged by combat,
how charming freedom’s come to that;
it used to be, you’d dodge the draft
by acting fem, such was the craft;
but now we’ve earned our equal rights
to die in war, not say ‘war bites’;
the gays, the trans, even your mom
would now march off to Vietnam.


©2018 Craig Kurtz

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Craig Kurtz has written and recorded poetry since 1979. Current endeavors include Antick Comedies, a versification of Restoration plays illustrated by Anni Wilson ( and Wortley Clutterbuck’s Deplorable Poems, an opera buffa in two acts ( Upcoming work appears in Artemis Journal, Garfield Lake Review and The Helix Magazine.

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