Search for the Fountain by Andrew Scott

Search for the Fountain

“You cannot do this.” That was what I was told
But I could not watch one more sleepless night
Embedding slow death before my burned eyes
Seeing the spirit of the afterlife slowly taking over
Fever taking a body like an animal pillage
The jester’s whisper that I am lead by fool’s gold
I will use the gift of my past ancestor’s for sight
Voices that come from the skies
Will lead me for the cure of fever
To serve the strength and elders of this village

I packed my trusty, loyal steed
Extra fur skins for the higher lands
Side pack with a bow and arrow
Sheath of iron in my back sling
The tools needed for any travelling feast
Clan colours, so passerbies would pay heed
Revealing my face being from a treacherous band
So my path will be peaceful in all tomorrows
Smooth, without unexpected stumbling
When I start by following the sun from the east

It felt like an eternity since the sun turned into the moon
The first day of the journey needs a resting place
Guarded by my steed, I lay on a blanket of pelt
Staring upward at the beauty of Aurora’s lights
From far away I hear the bagpiper music of the outlaw
Waiting, praying sleep overtakes soon
To retain the strength that will not lead me back in disgrace
I would not let myself melt
Reenergized under the gaze of the nights
Finally, overtaken by sleep as my mind started to thaw

Dusk has dawned at the end of the third day of this journey
I had stumbled across a small, peaceful homestead
Family that welcomed this weary stranger
More food than my eyes could eat
Lager Ale to wash everything down
Never, in my years, had I seen such hospitality
So much, all was swirling in my head
Time to rest with my stagger
This full body had rest and sleep to meet
Before all elements presented me as a clown

My body awoke while night fall was still upon me
Tender music and song playing again in my ear
I stepped forward to follow
Never before had I heard such a sweet melody
Smoothness that took away that edge
I awoke from my walking sleep when I heard gallops behind me
With a shudder, I realized that Euterpe’s whisper was the steer
Her might of song trying to take away tomorrow
As I was captivated and following the tragedy
If not for my steed, I would have walked over the mountain’s edge

The mountains passed by in slow motion the next day
Dreams of the night before still playing
Mind’s eye playing tricks with what may have been
Travelling now with senses on alert
May have to travel now day and night
To make up the time lost on this day
Hands on my sheath, ready for a protective slaying
Startling the nerves may be the only sin
To bring any real or spirit on comers to the dirt

It was during my heightened sombre
That I heard the swift gallops from behind
Pulled my sheath, readied for battle
I would be the first with the heart strike
Breathed out when I saw the oncoming gypsy lady
She stopped and passed on information of a messenger
She galloped away, to give me a moment, to be kind
News of the loss of my loved one would need to settle
With heavy emotions, I would continue on this hike
Bring home the cure and save all ancestry.

Slowly I climbed the endless mountain side
For what seemed like three endless nights and days
Stopping only long enough to prey and eat
Empty spirit being carried
With the tragic news, I was not the same
An empty heart is all I had on this ride
Sorrow was turning my head into craze
But still, I would not admit defeat
My justice was to be carried
All I had was my name

In the edge of the twilight into the darkness
Almost, I ran over a dirty beggar
In exchange for meat, I asked for direction
The point of a brittle finger said I was on the right path
Solace was taken in that I had not been lost
As night pressed on, I rode into a village fortress
I walked though it with an exhausted stagger
Spying a shaman, I asked for my home tragedy confirmation
It was all lies, he said after a cleansing bath
Emotions mixed as I recalled the days Melpomene had cost

As I looked for the proper shelter to rest
A sweet voice was singing a sacred hymn
Toward it I walked, smiling at the thoughts of my homeland
A peasant lady singing, another dancing
Brought tears to my swollen eyes
Dancingly, the swift foot of the two put her arms around my chest
Spinning me around and around until the sadness was gone
They were offering new emotions within a hand
My feet were given energy. My head was prancing
Clouds lifting from dark skies

My glee followed the path of the moving star
Eager for more festivity
Tired of the days spent alone
Not one true travelling company
On that night, I wanted to feast
Found a common celebration bar
Lustfully, I drank to fill me
While with others, I was not alone
Many tales heard of debauchery
Each cupful brought a beast

Entertainment was plentiful
Mistral’s daughter sang the epic mountain song
Stomped we did to the shaking roof
Louder as we all joined in
Worries of the path, long forgotten
The room quieted for a spoken word lady, to be respectful
Reading words that made instinct belong
Animal gleam was in my head as proof
She spoke from a paper, describing sin
Acts of the forbidden
I awoke at the sun of daylight
Head with ache of the night before
I lay on the walk of others
Body sore and uncovered
All taken by a midnight thief
I found tarp skin to cover up the site
Anger took over the body’s sore
Thieves that travelled as a band of sisters
Stripping what they discovered
Looking onward, I prayed for belief

My destination was over a meadow range
Step by step, I would reach on my feet
Battle the new skin of blistered
Calliope, Thelia, Terpshidore, Erato, Urania, and Polyhymnia tried to stop
But I will break through
Guarded against anything strange
Sorrow and death would come now to any I did meet
No more being the searching flustered
The Fountain of Knowledge was at the top
This my soul of fire did know


After many travelling, hot steps of the tired
It lay in front of me
In all of its glowing fashion
Tears fell from my face
I would be a humble hero
Forgotten would be the journey of the mired
Villagers would be fever, disease free
All had come to a conclusion
My family’s name would not be a disgrace
For centuries, the discoverer, all would know

I walked to the entrance
To gather all the healing
Potions of good for all uses
Back to the sun, I felt the ray’s heat
Skin, bones started to boil
Stood as a statue in a trance
Clio started the rid to rid of feeling
Ablaze, i look at the nine sets of eyes of the muses
One by one, with hypnotic Aurora Borealis eyes, they gave me deceit
As my remains became part of the soil

March 11, 2011
© Andrew Scott – Just a Maritime Boy 2011


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Bio: Andrew Scott is a native of Fredericton, NB. During his time as an active poet, Andrew Scott has taken the time to speak in front of a classrooms, judge poetry competitions as well as published worldwide in such publications as The Art of Being Human, Battered Shadows and The Broken Ones. His books, Snake With A Flower, The Phoenix Has Risen and The Storm Is Coming are available now


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