Disturbia by Neil Chatterton


Disconnected images
Disjointed memories
Woven together by you
Neatly covering my feelings
They yearn to be free again
To feel again
Yet, I am haunted by you
Those last words,
“try not to kill these vibes”
Whispered as you left
Without remorse or regret
Or compassion.

Above myself
Beyond boundaries
Watching a caricature of me
Play out old and
Worn out scenes
That you dismissed
And in truth
I never fought for…..

Should I reclaim this life
This husk
That functions
In our autonomous world
Without being noticed
Or quietly slip away
Without fanfare
Or even a ripple
Upon that lake
Where we consummated
Our togetherness
For that life
No longer exists.

©Neil Chatterton 2018


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