look what you made me do taylor swift by Sudeep Adhikari

look what you made me do taylor swift

I was floating inside the
quantum-cloud, when it suddenly
started raining ivanka trump’s shoes
all over the hurricanes, and floods
with 500 years or something return period.

The half-drowned horses, dogs
and the goats; the dead kids floating
like moss,
from texas to sunsari. I checked
the ignorance-meter, and
it was just crossing me-level.

At the moment taylor swift’s legs
shine brighter than
the green and blue of my coral reefs. I
will probably take a day off,

go take a selfie with a homeless guy,
and post it later on facebook
because internet-philanthropy is the new sexy.

© 2017 Sudeep Adhikari


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Sudeep Adhikari is a structural engineer and lecturer from Kathmandu, Nepal. He has been recently published in Beatnik Cowboys, Zombie Logic Review, The Bees Are Dead, Silver Birch Press and Eunoia Review. His poetry volume, “The Art of Changing Nothing to Punk Gigs”, was released by Alien Buddha Press in July 2017.


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