Cease Fire by Shirley Jones-Luke

Cease Fire

after Jerry Williams

In a modern-day Cold War,
my husband and I have split

Our home in two, separate
floors divide us from each other

From the silent hate that divides
our hearts and burdens our spirits

We no longer laugh together, only
crying separately in our spaces

Wondering what has gone wrong
in a marriage that has lasted for too long

We each hope that the other will give in
denounce this icy peace between us

Reconnected and renew this thing
called marriage, I shudder at that word

For now, our words are held in check,
a civil accord as not to upset our son

I dream of escape, freedom from
matrimony, he dreams of cards

Chasing money with his casino mistress
and his enabling friends, loathe them

For taking him away, but also thank them
for taking him away, his lumbering presence

Unsettles all of us and leaves us feeling
tense and uneasy, waiting for his return

And an end to the cease fire


© 2017 Shirley Jones-Luke


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Shirley Jones-Luke is a poet and a writer. Ms. Luke lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts. She has an MFA from Emerson College. She has been published by Adelaide, Deluge, BlazeVOX and Fire Poetry.


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