Lessons for Loving Wisely by Craig Kurtz

The first time you love, as a rule,
odds are you’ll do it with a fool;
this love, consider it practice
to master the ridiculous;
your choice will later bemuse you
and, certes, he’ll scratch his head, too;
there is no logic to this love
but what hormones are thinking of.

The next time you love, be cautious,
for this time’s more than just a kiss;
you might be building house and home,
therefore avoid the town coxcomb;
there’ll be real feeling involved here
and each promise may cost a year;
this love is Cupid’s masterpiece,
‘tho still informed by some caprice.

The third time’s a charm, so it’s said,
but it’s responsible instead;
between investments and children,
you’ll wonder where the time’s all been;
these are the years when love’s between
something asleep and staid routine;
this phase is sober adulthood
so when you choose this mate, choose good.

The last time you love, love wisely,
‘cause now’s the bid for history;
make sure you choose somebody who
loves you, not who you’ll turn into;
and, ‘tho you’re old, remember this:
you’re someone’s foolish reminisce;
when all love’s seasons you have tripped,
send Cupid home, hap’ly pink-slipped.


©2017 Craig Kurtz

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Finding the 21st century obsolete, Craig Kurtz versifies Restoration plays, illustrated by Anni Wilson. Excerpts appear in Crannóg, Icon, and Penn Review. Visit http://antickcomedies.blogspot.com/ for particulars. Kurtz and Wilson reside at Twin Oaks Intentional Community.

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