The Empty Boat by Alessandra Salisbury

The empty boat

The harder I try to remember
the more it fades into blurry memory
of that day with him
We were in a timber row boat
I remember thinking how strong
he was being able to row
I remember my fascination with
how sunrays travel through the water
in shafts of light, down deep
beyond my vision
giving me an eerie fear
of the unknown

Then,                                     he was                               gone

I yelled for help
No one heard me
I couldn’t swim
I found the strength
to row back alone
licking my salty tears

His head shot
is glued at the police station’s
missing person’s wall

I still see the empty boat

© 2017 Alessandra Salisbury


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Alessandra Salisbury is a Brazilian journalist, actress and creative writer. She lives in Australia with her husband and their 5 year old daughter Isabella who was the inspiration for her first published kids book Naughty Nana for sale on Amazon. She graduated in Creative Writing through Southern Cross University in Australia, and she is now studying Bachelor of Education majoring Drama. Her works appeared two American literary magazines, Anti-heroin Chic and The Borfski Press.


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