Dream Academy by Neil Chatterton

Dream Academy by Neil Chatterton

Dream Academy

It actually started very ordinarily I was at a concert but I had lost my shoes. I am getting frustrated because I can’t find them near by and the place is packed, so I can’t look under everyone’s chairs…I’m sitting in my seat and I get a message from you…you found my shoes and u sent me a pic of u holding my shoes. You tell me to come over and get them. Next thing I am sitting next to you and telling you about losing my shoe’s. This has really upset me (no idea why or what this means) but I am almost inconsolable. You lean over and kiss me….Gently and lightly but you run your tongue across my lips and slightly push it into my mouth…..All my worries about my shoe’s disappear. …Our kissing is intense both of us being very passionate….I pull you close and we are facing each other. We are touching each other’s face, holding and caressing, while our kissing gets more intense. …
My pulse is racing and I remember thinking that my heart is going to explode….I kiss your neck and your shoulders, savoring each kiss and tasting your skin…your whispers and moans just make me so excited and run your fingers thru my hair pulling my head harder towards you…..I am almost breathless as I unbutton your shirt and just savor every inch of your stomach….I come back to kiss you on the lips and your eyes are wide open and we know how much we both want this….u flip me on my back a sit on top of me….slowly and deliberately you caress my neck and shoulders and chest and I feel like I am going to explode. I cannot control my emotions and I am moaning loudly and that seems to urge you on as you kiss my nipples, biting harder with each moan that escapes my lips….your touch is so gentle and your kisses and tongue find everyplace that heightens my senses and I am completely lost within you….You tease me ecpertly letting your fingers explore but avoiding touching my evident hardness…I am almost beyond control at this point….but you start sliding up my body again, kissing and kicking places I didn’t even know felt that good. …As I start to kiss your lips I unclip your bra and as kiss your shoulders I slide your bra off….A moan escapes your lips that is so sweet and so intense that it only makes me more excited….Gently caressing your breasts and licking softly across and around your nipples brings more moans as you grab my hair and push so hard , each lick Exacerbates your passion As I kiss down your stomach, your hips rise to meet me, grinding into my face as I let my tongue explore your naval….caressing every inch of your body, which pulsates and respond…Moans escape your lips as I reach the top of your sweat pants, and start easing them over your hips, my hands cupping your ass cheeks…..okay….so we are both very excited at this point, and I am so turned on by you and your body and the way you are responding to my touch and kisses and licking….i am kissing and licking you slowly yet firmly as i gently slide your sweat pants down…your body is responding too, thrusting and pushing against my tongue and my hands and my fingers…you push my head urgently, as i lick the front of your panties…fingers caressing the backs of your legs as i slowly slide your panties off..you are so wet as my tongue flicks across you, tastes you for the first time and my own urgency makes me seek out your wetness and push my tongue inside you. i am urged on by your moans and whispers, and i can’t get enough of your pussy, this is beyond my imagination….as i feel my tongue explore deep inside you, sucking you and wanting this so badly….my fingers explore too, finding your clitoris and feeling your respoond to every touch and every stimulation…your body moving as you cry out with an intensity that drives me crazy as my tongue and fingers continue to explore the most intimate part of your body, just wanting you to enjoy this and wanting you to come all over me…..satisfied you break free of my hands and again sit on my chest, letting me look at you. i pull you towards me until you are now sitting on my face, your back arching and moaning as my tongue immediately finds you and just devours you, not wanting this to ever stop….my hands cupping your breasts, caressing your nipples, which are so hard and taught….my own excitement is obvious and as you reach behind yourself your fingers find my hard throbbing cock, already wet and sticky from the way you make me feel…you grab my shaft and fall into rhythm with my tongue, as i push into you, you stroke up and down, squeezing harder and harder each time…i can feel this orgasm building within you and your hand motions become more frenzied and you let out a moan of satisfaction, as I taste everything you have to give me , filling my mouth with your sweet essence..this is more than i can handle as before I can stop, I come with such an intensity that my whole body lifts off the bed and i scream with a delight that seems to shake the entire building………So at this point I wake up and I feel like I’m 14 years old again, as I have cum all over myself…luckily I wear pants in bed, otherwise it would have been very messy….I laid there this morning in like a daze for about 20 mins, my alarm buzzing at me….but I didn’t want to lose that moment and I wanted to enjoy that feeling….and give my body and mind time to collect itself….

Bio: Neil Chatterton

I write for fun and because I am moved/inspired by an “event” – can be something I see on my journey into Manhattan, or something that someone says in passing, or conversation. I try never to force words and I went several years without writing anything. My writing has picked up over the last couple of years, and I just found an old poetry book that I used from the late 80′s and early 90′s – that’s pretty exciting for me!

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