Feelin’ My Years by William Joel

It’s been cooler this summer than most, but today
the red climbed higher than it has all season. Red,
mercury, liquid metal in a thin glass tube,
the kind not used as much, these days, like inner tubes,
or rotary phones, or “please” and “thank you,”
little words that walk so large. Am I that old?
Have I become nostalgia, to be remembered
rather than known? Maybe if the wheel keeps turning
it’ll go full circle before I’m done and I’ll be able
to live, again, the days they said were gone forever.

© 2016 William Joel

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William J. Joel has been a poet, storyteller and educator for many, many years. Most recently, his work has been accepted for publication in Chronogram, Aunt Chloe and Wolf Moon Journal. In addition to adult poetry, he has written works for children. Since 2008, he has been Contributing Editor for three issues of Appleseeds.

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