BALUSTRADE by John Garmon


“A row of short posts topped by an ornamental rail”

He stood at the balustrade and crossed his arms
With the swagger of a king (or a megalomaniac
Reminding some of the pompous Mussolini)
And he said “I will build a great wall”
As we the people in the street below
Apprehensively cheered and clapped our hands
As we raised a giant noise of false praise
For him and his new order for our nation
(If treason succeed who will call it treason?)

Then some up close heard a crack
As he leaned on the balustrade
The top railing gave way and he fell
He toppled over into the shocked crowd
They didn’t catch him like a mosh pit
Then we heard someone cry aloud
You see he is nothing but bluster
Nothing to protect him but a balustrade

The crowd moved away
They left him lying there crying
Telling them wait I am your leader
I was elected legitimately
You placed your faith in me
But they scoffed and turned away
Going back to the work to be
Letting him lie in his victory

©2017 John Garmon

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