Pearls by William Joel

I don’t remember lines from poems I’ve read,
nor the names of teachers I’ve had since kindergarten.
My mind has never worked like that. Instead it holds
in a firm grasp a vast array of images, in no apparent order,
tossed like matchsticks on a quilted bed sheet, ruffled through
to find a few to string like beads along an ever so thin
strand of silk, then turn over, over and over again, hoping
to pry free more of a memory that never was.

© 2016 William Joel


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William J. Joel has been a poet, storyteller and educator for many, many years. Most recently, his work has been accepted for publication in Chronogram, Aunt Chloe and Wolf Moon Journal. In addition to adult poetry, he has written works for children. Since 2008, he has been Contributing Editor for three issues of Appleseeds.


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