Shoots Then Leaves by Ross Destiche

Seriously, fuck pandas.

Those god damn
Furry penguin-wannabes
Never have sex
Even when we give them porn
Even when we shove it in their faces.

Those black & white idiots
Make Darwin roll in his grave
Any time they bite
Into another stalk of bamboo.

I know they’re supposed to
Be cute
And they’re endangered
But shit

They steal my oxygen
And mooch off the zoo
Like a hobo jonesing for bus fare.

I hate them
Those no-good,
Monochromatic bastards.

©2016 Ross Destiche


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Ross Destiche is originally from Minneapolis, and graduated from the University of MN with a BFA. He currently lives in the Washington D.C. area as a professional actor and poet. Ross was published in Miller’s Pond early this year.




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