Parliament of Idiots by Craig Kurtz

Parliament of Idiots

First we gave ’em equal rights,
then we handed ’em ballots;
now they run the parliament,
that commonwealth of idiots.

It seemed an innovation
and a boon to all mankind
to universalize fair play
and count the chips, howe’er aligned.
The wight without opinions
and the fish-wife scatterbrained
were given protocols of state
to weigh, but not explained.
Everyone who couldn’t read
consulted ikons and tea-leaves;
some were issued dice and cards
to eeny meeny between thieves.
Delegations issued speeches
which baffled the ambivalent;
tropes and slogans chopped logic
’til no one knew what ‘freedom’ meant.
Numbers got bandied about
and incony fine points were limned;
superstitions summarized
how the tax code was thusly nimmed.
Debacles, scandals, swindles, all
made us elect new charlatans;
here’s more banners to forget
the happy cheats of also-rans.

First we gave ’em wages,
then we gave ’em votes;
now they run the government,
those scrofulous cut-throats!

©2016 Craig Kurtz

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