Anthem for 21st Century Youth by John Toivonen

Anthem for 21st Century Youth by John Toivonen

How many bills will buy a loaf of bread
when the largest banks come crashing down?
For an answer you’ll catch a tired frown
from absent Senators and the state’s head.
Now hide gold and silver under your bed,
and light a candle to chase the moth around.
Oil the hinges so when your newfound
friends arrive your palace will sound well-bred.
Your leaders thought nothing of making waste
of your taxes, labor and even men’s thoughts.
With a rude string stroke of song they debased
a soaring culture to men lined up in feedlots.
By suckling on the sore vote they replaced
law and leaders with your District Mascots.

© 2016 John Toivonen

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John has published poetry and essays in numerous publications, including Roanoke Review, Midwest Poetry Review, Paterson Literary Review, Blognostics, and The Washington Times. His most recent book of poetry, Song After a Long Campaign, was published by Great Roots Press in 2015.

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