The Followers by John Toivonen

The Followers by John Toivonen

They skirt away from creating a position,
and instead allow their brains to be rigged
like automats for a national board
that scrapes away memories of their sin.

They hold no fault, or so they are programmed.
Input “Mexicans”, “bankers”, and the “Chinese”
who stole from them in a harsh conspiracy.
Antique frauds of the Jewish elder’s grip
mix in a new Stormfront code of hooknose
money changers and cartoon swastikas.

They cluck curses at women, and everyone
who doesn’t join is blocked as feminine.
These angry boys can paint miles of razor wire
stretching their steel-crowned, vigilant threat
atop rook-shaped castles that open fire
on brown cultural microbes who plan to infect
a race culture. They have deleted
citizen by the soil, and what Britain
imparted to those who were charged to defend
replacing it with the perfect code of blood.

Like muggers corrupted with populist lice
they hack away at clean, rational minds
demanding that we join the march behind
a tent city of ideological vice.

They howl that wireless borders are too kind.
They defame cousins who will not befriend
our group first, and chant that we are always over
those thieving nations beneath our savior.

© 2016 John Toivonen


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John has published poetry and essays in numerous publications, including Roanoke Review, Midwest Poetry Review, Paterson Literary Review, Blognostics, and The Washington Times. His most recent book of poetry, Song After a Long Campaign, was published by Great Roots Press in 2015.


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