Known Unknowns by John Garmon

Known Unknowns by John Garmon

I think continually of those who were truly great.
Stephen Spender

I think of all those who went through life without notice.
Wandering through centuries, through billions of minds,
Thoughts come and go, often seeming original to their thinkers,
But certainly recycled, nothing being new, but always
A new version of the new, a new way of looking
At what has been moving through thoughts of people on earth
For as long as there have been people on earth.

Take these directions:
Pause at dawn. Put on the skin of the animal you want to be.
Take three deep breaths.
In shirtsleeves, aglow with new sunlight, go.
The weight of your body pulls like a current in the sea.
Go back to your beautiful mother – only in memory.
Give yourself to the bleak opacities.
Full of beauty and graceful, your life opens like a flower.
Sparrows celebrate in song from high green branches.
You are a perfectly good king or queen of the earth.
By the river, silver and gold leaves carry silence.
Unspeakable generosities unfurl like white lilies.
Unveiling the body, you are half crazy with love.
Flicker and gleam back and forth those many signals.
You come near to the river.

You dip your hands into the reflection of your face.
Large rocks lie still, warming themselves among purple flowers.
Along the river bank loneliness waits in loose dirt and pebbles.
Ears in the wild are cocked to hear what’s coming next.

©John Garmon 2016

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