A house on my body by Sergio Ortiz

Forgetfulness by Sergio Ortiz

There’s no possible hiding place here,
vanity or mirror.
It’s sharp translucent structure,
limpid and deserted.
A house on my body
of an uncomfortable rationalism,
broken Japanese harmony,
unfair and icy balance
no altars or flowers                no photos
no family,
just a passing through           and insomnia,
heritage and artifice.
A house on my body.
No one has been left here.
No children. No men. No ideas.

© 2016 Sergio Ortiz


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Sergio A. Ortiz is the founding editor of Undertow Tanka Review. His collections of Tanka, For the Men to Come (2014), and From Life to Life (2014) were released by Amazon. He is a two time Pushcart nominee and a four time Best of the Web nominee.


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