About Angels by Sergio Ortiz

About Angels by Sergio Ortiz

About Angels by Sergio Ortiz

About Angels

Each angel has the color,
the size, the age
of whoever it is guarding.
So that the angel fits its companion.
So others don’t perceive its presence.
Only one known case of an angel
continuing to walk after
the person it was watching over died
on the street, and the case of another angel
that did not take part in the crime,
it held the hands of others
while the murderer stabbed its victim.
And the case of the angel
who found itself seated on a chair
while the woman it protected
spent the night making love.

Angels are fluent in the leading languages,
and the not so foremost
like Hopi and Zulu and Mazatec.
But above all they speak the tongue of angels,
which is made of inner words.
A language that everyone presumes
to understand innately,
without the need to study it
but fewer and fewer people actually know.

@ Sergio Ortiz 2016


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Sergio A. Ortiz is the founding editor of Undertow Tanka Review. His collections of Tanka, For the Men to Come (2014), and From Life to Life (2014) were released by Amazon. He is a two time Pushcart nominee and a four time Best of the Web nominee.


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