I Admit I Imagined the Homemade Brazilian I Gave My Lover by Richard Krawiec

I Admit I Imagined the Homemade Brazillian I Gave My Lover by Richard Krawiec

I Admit I Imagined the Homemade Brazilian I Gave My Lover

would be as enticing and lurid
as a trio of neon Xs above
a metal prefab cigarbox
sagging into weeds down
a rat-scuttling street, yes,
that adolescent dream
steamy as a locked bathroom
door and imaginary backbeat

but instead of the gleaming
pole amidst smoke-hidden
pleasures, the stark overhead
clarified the pink hill of an eye
cradled inside O’Keefe folds,

& after

trimming close with scissors
I pressed a warm facecloth
to the stubbled mons, circled
lather around the opening
kissed the soft pink cradle,
then held the blade aloft, I knew
there was no proof I could use it,
wondered why would we take this
risk; some things you can’t return
from. even when the hand shakes
on its slow descent it continues
to nip, slide, gutter a sandpaper
scratch and sharp hiss
from her mouth, my lips

no matter how many times
you pause to exhale, shake tension
from your arms, it never leaves,
the danger of that next cut
the blade always shining
as it goes down

©Richard Krawiec 2016


Richard Krawiec’s third book of poems, Women Who Loved me Despite(Press 53), is just out. His work appears in dozens of literary magazines, including New Orleans Review, Drunken Boat, Shenandoah, sou’wester, Dublin Review, Chautauqua Literary Journal, Spillway, North Dakota Quarterly, Blue Fifth Review, etc. In addition to poetry, he has published 2 novels, Time Sharing and Faith in What?, a story collection, And Fools of God, and 4 plays. He has been awarded fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the NC Arts Council(twice), and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. He has been short-listed for Best American Short Stories and nominated multiple times for a Pushcart – twice this year. He teaches Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced online Fiction Writing for UNC Chapel Hill, for which he won their Excellence in Teaching Award in 2009. He is founder of Jacar Press, a Community Active publishing company (www.jacarpress.com) that also runs an online magazine One (http://one.jacarpress.com/) whose work has appeared in Best of the Net. He has worked extensively with people in homeless shelters, women’s shelters, prisons, literacy classes, and community sites, teaching writing.

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