I Was the Fly

~by John Garmon

I was the fly
Emily heard
Buzzing in the room
When she died
Of grief
Over having
Given birth
To an imaginary
Illegitimate child
I was that fly
Emily and I
Each had vivid
I was flying
Without thinking
Emily was dying
Certainly knowing
I was concerned
Only about myself
Not thinking
How my buzz
Would be
The last thing
Emily heard
But not actually
Because it was
Only her creative
Poet’s mind
That made me
I was the fly
She did not die
Nor did I


© 2016 John Garmon

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John Garmon is a 75-year-old writing assistant at the College of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas. His poems have been in BlogNostics, Radius, Ploughshares, Prairie Schooner, The Oregonian, Southern Poetry Review, Commonweal, and many other places. He just published An Amazing Eclectic Anthology (of contemporary American and Canadian poetry), available at amazon.com.

One thought on “I Was the Fly by John Garmon

  1. judekelvin igbonekwu

    Emily’ is my gift to writing and poetry, she is poetry. Also have a poem titled “the meaning of love”Emily Dickinson’s love”, like every writer that follow her work or is influenced by her writing prowess, we go on, time and time to uncover her, into her mind to tell all the reasons, one she did not explain to the world, I felt this seeing this beautiful poem, going back into her Mind. And you made “I heard a fly buzz” beautiful

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