Singing in the Rain ~by Neil Chatterton

singing in the rain

Singing in the Rain

A habitual user
As you approach.
Knowing my play on words
Will cost me

Your scent
Fills me
Straining, chaffing
That familiar feeling
Accompanied by anxiety
Helplessness will do that.

Am I betrayed
By my beating heart
Ever larger
Filled with pumping blood
No longer in my control.
You watch
You wait
Judging me
My terror rising
Any movement
Exaggerated by your playthings.

Not alone though
As your laughter
The pain arrives
On queue
Orchestrated by your hands.

Never varies
As my reactions
Determine your path
Together we journey
It reveals me
As you press down
Muted screams
Yet capitulation
Waits outside
Not invited
As you expertly
Ply your trade.

You cannot see
As I blanch
Fade to grey
You sense
As finally
Your refreshment
Seemingly never ending
Soaking me
Washing away
All fear
Shuddering uncontrollably

Bio: Neil Chatterton

I write for fun and because I am moved/inspired by an “event” – can be something I see on my journey into Manhattan, or something that someone says in passing, or conversation. I try never to force words and I went several years without writing anything. My writing has picked up over the last couple of years, and I just found an old poetry book that I used from the late 80′s and early 90′s – that’s pretty exciting for me!

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