A Harlequin Romance or Eve Marries the Magician

by Eve Gaal

You restive harlequin—
Harried imposter–
teller of hasty jokes,
cheapened by matrices
involving dime store magic,
quickened legerdemain.
Your transient,
material and
drastic gambit to pester,
perhaps duplicate
those who mastered the
ethereal ways of love lacked
a rampart strong enough to encapsulate.
Though you wrested my heart,
your gloved clasp proved
a weak haven and a puff of smoke
dissolved your platitudes and patter.
Once fallen and disgraced,
I am free and you forgiven.

©Eve Gaal 2016

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In college, Eve chose English Literature as her major with an emphasis in poetry. After twenty-five years of copywriting, restaurant columns, online magazines, short stories and poems, she finally wrote a novel titled, Penniless Hearts. Currently, she lives in Southern California and her author website is: http://evegaal.com

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