Haiku by Archana Kapoor Nagpal

Haiku Anthology by Jessy Bissal

midnight walk …
my daughter asks me
to sing a spring song

way to school …
collecting strawberries
in my lunch box

trimester scan …
sticking butterflies
on to the cot

longest day …
the flowers on her grave
further dries

homeless …
in heavy downpour
a beehive sinks

canopy walk …
collecting in my basket
these fireflies

at every turn
the moon reaches before me …
walking uphill

with him
in his coffin…
scent of jasmine

in loneliness
reading the epitaph
in reverse

siesta …
at her every step
clink of anklets

homesickness …
sitting on a bench
with my doll

me and him
a cashmere cardigan


Archana Kapoor Nagpal is an internationally published author of four books – ’14 Pearls of Inspiration’, ‘The Road to a Positive Life’, ‘A Haiku Per Day’ and ‘The Fragrance of a Beautiful Life’. She often participates in the short story competitions, and her winning stories are now part of international anthologies – ‘New Love: Anthology of Short Stories’ and the ’12 Facets of a Crystal’. She has seen her short stories, poems and Haiku published in other anthologies as well – ‘A Pinch of Love, Peace and Humanity ’, ‘Atoms of Haiku’, and the ‘Ripples of Love’. She has also seen her poems published in numerous other literary journals, blogs, websites and anthologies. Her works are translated in Chinese, Russian and German.

Haiku by Archana Kapoor Nagpal


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