Anodyne Amalgam

by John Garmon

Success an ungrateful unfaithful lover
A façade known to be useful as a cover
When one desires to be omniscient
In a manner of speaking to the deaf
A harsh antisocial action of denial
Of truth that dwells only mentally
Anodyne of language frosted over
Amalgam of spirit and suspicion

Robert Frost consummate genius
In his clear concise rhythmic lines
Came close to his own success
Close enough to be revealing
A wise old character in a story
His real life lacked such glory

Language contains character
Some say who read extensively
As Graham Greene reportedly
Said writing is a form of therapy
Help to get through the insanity
An anodyne if you think of it
From the amalgam of life

As Frost is said to have said
The best way out is always through
I think for poets that will do
To stir words into certain lines
To let them simmer for a while
Then to go back to them
From the amalgam of life
They will be your anodyne

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