5 Year Milestone on BlogNostics


We have reached a milestone with BlogNostics. We ring in 2016 as our 5th year of operation and –as with all youngsters– we have had some growth and some growing pains.

We have been doing a series of assessments, looking at what has worked for us –and what has not. On the plus side, we continue to draw very talented writers to our site, but there has been some unevenness in our presentation.

The original BlogNostics model was based on hosting writers and artists, charging for a digital “site within a site” to feature their work. While this does give a boost to individual portfolios, and garners some recognition to those who are represented in this manner, it is in the long run, not a very dynamic (or fair) way to introduce new talent.

Starting in January, we will be turning that model on its ear. We will be dropping the “room” structure, in favor of a general submissions model. What this means is that current content will remain onsite, with a new index, listing of artists, and search feature. New submissions will be strictly merit based, giving us more leeway to feature the very best of the new voices you have seen debuting here.

Things that have worked well for us, such as featured sections themed by subject or event will be kept and expanded to include fundraising for causes we at BN~ hold near and dear.

There will be other changes we will be trying out during the year, including a digital magazine subscription, a Spoken Word section, with readings, and finally, peer-judged contests for chapbook publications and eBook authoring tailored for general ePub, Kindle, or Apple iBook multimedia formats.

We hope you are as excited as we are as we implement these changes and better serve both our writing and art community, and you, our audience.

Here is to a great 2016!

Jessica Brant

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