Sugar Plum Season by Selene DePackh

by Selene DePackh

Sugar Plum Season by Selene DePackh

Sugar Plum Season

It cracked
Like a sweet tooth
Releasing a constellation of pain
And I found myself awake again
Outside of mind and sky
The scent under the skin gone parched
The dry arc starred with static prickle

The rats had chewed their way around me
From perhaps some remembered kindness
(I seem to recall always tipping the footman
And I don’t think I was the one who threw a shoe)
Or maybe they just dislike the taste
That saccharine leaves behind
Fading bitter in the mouth

I returned to the harboring fold
In time out of time to chart
Its sheltering distortions
Casting narrow shadows across synthetic snowfields
Ever watchful in the shortening light
Alert to distant bells in the lukewarm dusk

The night has a thousand points of vigilance
Trained on the waft of moldering gossamer
As the dancer slips her cue
Dimly aware the principal must have left the building
The audience of caverns
Releases a dusty cough
In polite recusal

Meanwhile behind the scrim
Muffling the buzz of a bleeding short
Leaching current off the grid
The rats gnaw at the wireframe
Buried in the walls

©2015 Selene DePackh


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Selene dePackh, autistic writer, illustrator and intersectional activist. Cover illustrations have been published by the University of Michigan Press, NeuroQueer/Autonomous Press, Pittsburgh Quarterly and Phylogyny. Recent writing has been published by The Beautiful People Project, Autisticulture, NeuroQueer and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


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