In The Summer by Timothy Hermesdorf

In The Summer by Timothy Hermesdorf

In the Summer

I listened to The Moody Blues last night.
I thought of you.
The summers.
Bikes rode wet with sweat.
Tennis played until we were spent.
Heat oppressive and so to your house we went.

Your parents worked
We’d be alone, the volume would not upset
Free to turn the volume up.
With Cokes in hand, cold and frosty
We went to your room.
Air conditioning flowed over us
Curtains closed and black lights on, the posters came alive beyond our imagination.
Incense lit mood now complete.
Songs of brotherly love joy and peace.
We believed the World a better place.
We listened to the music.
We heard the song.
Was it really that long?
Were we so wrong?

Time has come and gone.
The majesty of it all is lost in the vagrancies of life.
Do you ever listen to The Moody Blues?

© 2015 Tim Hermesdorf


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Bio: Tim Hermesdorf is 58 years old with 25 years of health care and firefighting experience. He loves reading and writing. Tim grew up in Chicago, he loves the working part of the city. To him the city is not downtown but where the people labor. He Likes to study history, especially the history of Chicago. He hopes to portray the working side of the city. Tim’s father was a Chicago Firefighter and a truck driver. His wish is to show the City as he saw it riding with his father.


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