One Morning

by John Garmon


I woke up to another cold morning.
It is always cold this time of year.
It was early and I was feeling irritable.
I am always irritable when I wake up.
It was probably my age and the cold.
I started thinking how bad things were.
There was too much trouble in the world.
I thought I would just go back to bed.
Why not chuck it all go to sleep.
But then I thought to heck with this.
No cold morning is going to get in my way.
So I went outside to hook up the sleigh.
The others heard me and woke up too.
They knew very well what we had to do.
We had a good breakfast and fed the team.
Then we quickly loaded the sleigh.
Another year and we were on our way.
In no time at all we forgot the cold.
I thought so what, I was getting old.
But this was the job I had to do.
I started to feel young and new.
So many were waiting everywhere/
The sled rose high into the air.
The bells on the team were musical.
They rang a song that was magical.
I knew we couldn’t reach everyone.
But others were hooking up their sleighs.
In all the places we might not go.
Others would be guiding their teams.
I forgot how old I had felt.
It was another year.
It was time to make deliveries. .

©John Garmon 2014

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