Wakinyon by Selene DePackh


The name I called the bird was grieving
And the name I called the bird was anger
Before I saw the face it never had

And it howled through the night like a warhead
Contacting the ground with electrical discharge
Its dark wings spreading from horizon to horizon

And as it sliced me open
With the wet glass of my open window
I said welcome home
My heart

I will never call you by any other name
Here at the center of the turning world
Balanced on the point of a scream
In the place where it all

@2015 Selene DePackh

Wakinyon by Selene DePackh

Image “Listening to the Heart Sutra” by Selene DePackh


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Selene dePackh, autistic writer, illustrator and intersectional activist. Cover illustrations have been published by the University of Michigan Press, NeuroQueer/Autonomous Press, Pittsburgh Quarterly and Phylogyny. Recent writing has been published by The Beautiful People Project, Autisticulture, NeuroQueer and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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