No One but the Room to Talk to by Shawn Hatfield

No One but the Room to Talk to by Shawn Hatfield

No One but the Room to Talk to

The blankets were on the floor
and even with the AC blasting,
the steaming air managed to
creep its way into the crevices
of my 2nd story apartment
It was just too damn miserable
for a comforter during the humid
days of early August

The fan spun around and around
and the posters on the walls
caught a little wind
like a convertible moving
down the highway
Some of them even peeled away
and were hanging, half-cocked,
pointed to the ground

The small chains hanging
from the ceiling mechanism
spun and swayed back and forth
They did it all day long and
didn’t seem to mind it so much

©2015 Shawn Hatfield


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Shawn Hatfield grew up in Northern Virginia, and currently resides in Hamilton. He has always been interested in writing, music, and other art forms. Some of Shawn’s literary influences are Charles Bukowski, Ken Kesey, and Jack Kerouac. Shawn enjoyed writing in high school and college but did not set his mind to creative and serious writing until recently. Within the past few years, he has written several poems, short stories, and is currently working on a novel. He looks forward to having the novel done by 2016. Shawn Hatfield graduated from Radford University with a Bachelor’s of Music Business. He spends his time writing poems, short stories, lyrics, the novel as well as recording and teaching music.


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