The Nine Gates by Andrew Scott

The Nine Gates by Andrew Scott

The Nine Gates by Andrew Scott

Prologue – The Divine Mission

Bewildered, my eyes opened
to the mass destruction
that lay burned around me.

I should be in the rubble
of what remains of Alexandria.
The fire started by the Fates
destroyed everything
or so I thought
in my confused mind.

My head was aching in pain,
hearing voices all around,
creating a pulsing echo.

Rising from the ashes,
catching my broken breath,
I look towards
the echoes from the walls.

A shadow was staring at me,
a hideous creature,
a crunched face,
dressed in a musty robe.
He had glowing hands
with a healing touch.

My confusion was apparent
until the creature spoke
as to why I was brought back.
An unexpected resurrection
with a divine purpose.
A mission with horrendous odds
against actually completing.

Gate One – Limbo

Staring at my goal
I had no idea
how to bring him
off his fiery throne.

Was looking at a lost man
that was in the center of Hell.
You could see the torture
in the lines of his face
that our Lucifer’s guardian
was putting himself through.

Was he good or bad?
The burned scars
gave no hint of either.

Looking from the outside,
as I was,
you saw a man
looking for the simplest
guiding direction.

Clearly he had taken
the easiest, greediest path
that now leads to regret.

There was almost a tenderness
behind the heated domain
where this lost man
sits alone in life’s limbo.

Gate Two – Lust

To bring him with me
was the real quest.
How to take him
from fire to normal?

So unsure of myself
and how to do this.
Doubting the chosen
task given to me
by the divine spirit.

Filling myself with questions
until I heard the magic.
A voice purifying the air.

So mystical was the voice
that my target rose
from his throne
and started walking
over the embers beneath.

His eyes became full of hunger
and unabated lust
as the beautiful voice became
more louder, soothing in the air.

I did not even have to guide him
off the volcanic mountain
towards the Siren’s song
of the nearby sea.

Belief started to form
that I could make
this confused man remember.

Gate Three – Gluttony

I saw a certain softness
in the face of the demon
that this lost soul had become.

From the outside
a person may not understand
how a swift transformation
can just happen.

If a person keeps feeding
and getting more and more
then they will get fat
with righteousness
and power of mistaken strength.

To make this journey a success
layers would have to be
pulled away very slowly
and painfully.

I have seen one layer
stripped away.
Now for the others.

Gate Four – Greed

Food and water were not plentiful
in this land of hot embers.
Yet we were able to push on.
Conversing what we had
though rumblings within
could be heard throughout.

One could see
how such a plight
would make the generous
into creatures that take.

This test was reaching
to a heightened rage
when the skies
took the time to cover
and slowly cry.

The wet was savoured
for a time
that no one wanted to end.

Out of the damp air
the dry survivors
appeared out of the hidden
with their tongues
digging into the wet soil
where small puddles formed.
Almost making them
as dry as before.

Glancing over to my mission
I was worried for horror.
Would greed overtake
like it had with the others
trying to re-energize
in the small puddles?

You could see the want
in his glowing eyes
as they stared at the battles
taking over for the nutrition.

Looking up to the sky
he stood back from temptation
and without moving forward
he just stared.

Gate Five – Anger

After we finally did get
our replenishing drink
we moved on.
I do not think
he realized where we were going
and I was not going to say.

Heading to the hills,
we came across a small community.
Put together by branches and grass.

Before we decided whether to approach
there was a crash heard through the air.

We went closer to investigate
the harsh noise coming
from the homes before us.

To our horror
there was a young one
imposing over a helpless elder.
The young one letting out growls
of a savage, not human.
The figure was imposing.

The look on my fellow traveler
was a face full of anger.
I tried to stop him
before he started running.

When I finally caught up
my eyes were full of amazement.
The demon was transforming,
closer to a human.

He just stood between them
until the young one retreated
and thus saving the frightened elder
without acting on his own emotions.

Violent rage does not serve
and he was seeing that.

Gate Six – Heresy

Breathing, heaving,
you could see the control
that our demon
was grasping at.

When he thought he was alone
he fell to his knees
and lowered his head,
closed his eyes.

You could see the tranquility
and relaxation overcoming.

As he was down, focused.
The glow of evil was shrinking.
Everyone could see this.

Out of the woods
came the heckles
of the villagers we left behind.
Fruits and spoiled meat were thrown
by the savages at the kneeling prayer.

Astonished at the heresy
given by the hands
of people that do not understand

More in shock at witnessing
the transformation
in front of us.

Gate Seven – Violence

We were crossing the final field
on our long journey of discovery.
The smoke from the homes
were off in the distant.
So close and so far away.

As we gained ground closer
you could hear the roars in the air.
It was not the voices of celebration.
The cheers were of a lynching.
A violent trial of brute force.

When we approached
rocks were being hurled
at the presumed guilty.
Screams of pleasure
at each violent hit.

The locked up was
crying their innocence
through a painful voice,
confused at the public
for not listening.

Our leader calmly
stood in front of the beaten man,
shielding him from more pain.

The crowd of violence stopped
out of sudden confusion.

The victim of the unrash
was pulled off the stake
that he was pinned to
and then carried
to a hut to rest
the new bleeding wounds.

Once out of the shelter
the new leader stood before the crowd.
The man who once left
as a child trying to find his way.

A sense of calm
came over everyone.
Understanding that
the barbaric ways
were to change.

He was now home.
The search was over
and the townsfolk
could now feel that.

Gate Eight – Fraud

In experiencing
what was before me
I could not help
but have mixed emotions.

Through this adventure
I was not sure
who was leading who.

I think or I know
that he knew
where his final
determination was.

As I lay to rest
I also could not help
but think what
a fraud I was.

I did not have divine power
to lead like others.
Am still unsure
why I was chosen.
Maybe the answers
will come in my sleep.

Gate Nine – Treachery

In my closed eyes
a ghost spirit came to me,
whispering the purpose
in my open ear.

The lesson and mission
was not only to return
their missing leader
but to meet my true destiny
by traveling through these gates
and feeling all the provided emotion.
All of the pleasure and pain.

Waking in silence,
the destiny became reality
as I embraced it all.

Guiding through the gates
that had been opened
made me truly feel
the power that was all mine.

Sitting on this new throne
in the center of Hell
the divine purpose was felt
with the tricks and the treachery
used to gain this seat
of absolute power
while watching and manipulating all
for my pleasure and their pain.

October 25, 2014
© Andrew Scott – Just a Maritime Boy 2014


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Bio: Andrew Scott is a native of Fredericton, NB. During his time as an active poet, Andrew Scott has taken the time to speak in front of a classrooms, judge poetry competitions as well as published worldwide in such publications as The Art of Being Human, Battered Shadows and The Broken Ones. His books, Snake With A Flower, The Phoenix Has Risen and The Storm Is Coming are available now


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