Haiku by Anna-Marie Moscatelli

Haiku by Anna-Marie Moscatelli

Anna-Marie Moscatelli haiku were originally written in French with the 5-7-5 syllables. As she translated them into English, there may be some slight difference in the meter. She is professor of French at West Chester University (Pennsylvania). Anna-Marie Moscatelli writes poetry and fiction mostly in French but also in English and Italian.

English Translation

French Original

Spots of golden brown
Your neck stretches on high
Soft-eyed Giraffe

Throbbing desire
Supreme orgiastic tension
Breathless yearning

Captured pearls
The spider weaves her net
Frayed silk threads

Winged breath of the wind
Butterfly caught on a string
A kite glides on high

The wild winged geese
Tear the sky with their cry
Winter is in the air

Tear traces of frost
Ice flowers on my window
First snow crystals

Dazzling whiteness
The long-necked swan glides
On the silvery lake

multicolored fish
In the sculptured scales of waves
Twisted lace of light

The scarred church tower
Utters its lament at night
Weeps every hour

The spring, concealed
Blue and Green, under the moss
gurgling water

Cheery Grasshopper
Fragile twig, budding flower
The air is all green

Scorching burn
Wheat ears bursting with sun
In the evening fire

Rainy September
Puddle where shivers a sky
The leaves are falling

Tachetée d’or brun
Cou tendu vers les cimes
Girafe aux yeux doux

Désir lancinant
Tension suprême, orgiaque
Souffle suspendu

Perles emprisonnées
Fils de soie effilochés
L’araignée tisse

Souffle flou du vent
Papillon au bout d’un fil
Plane cerf-volant

Les oies sauvages
Strient le ciel de leur ramage
L’hiver est dans l’air.

Larmes de givre
Fleurs de glace aux fenêtres,
Les premiers frimas

Blanc, éblouissant,
Le cygne au long col glisse
Sur le lac d’argent

Poissons colorés
Dans l’écaille des ondes
lacets de lumière

Le clocher brisé
Lance dans la nuit son planh
Pleurent les heures

La source cachée
Verte et bleue sous la mousse
Doux bruissement d’eau

Gaie sauterelle
Frêle branche aux fleurs nouvelles
L’air est peint en vert

Septembre de pluie
Flaque où grelotte un ciel flou
Les feuilles tombent

Brûlure d’été
Epis gonflés de soleil
Sous les feux du soir.

Haiku by Anna-Marie Moscatelli

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