Pushing Pigeons by Lisa Brandel

Pushing Pigeons

Pigeons burst up from the wire
Their wings beating chaos against the sky
Covered by the approaching sirens.
Don’t go, someone whispered, but not to them.

The Motors’ oil bled from the heart of the car
The Hearts’ oil bled from mouth of the man

Four tons and four tons collided
Sirens replacing the banshees’ song
As men wail and moan
Gnashing their metal teeth
To liberate someone
Already set free
Pushing pigeons off wires.

The last note of Neil Young
She could hardly listen to Neil anymore
His guitar strummed at broken heartstrings
Playing a song that died with a memory
Gone years ago.

She could not help that the music skipped
And all the notes he played easily
She now struggled to hear
Through a veil, distorted, out of tune.

The last note of every song
Always lingered with her
Days and years after the music stopped
Tattooed against her ears
She heard nothing else.

@2012 Lisa Brandel

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