The Wall by Kathy Best Brosky

The Wall by Kathy Best Brosky

Image Courtesy of  Kathy Best Brosky

Submitted by Jennifer Nichols
Thank you! to all my ancestors who bravely and unselfishly served for our freedom! And I will post a special tribute written by my deceased sister Kathy on 12/15/1998 for our brother PFC Randy Lee Taylor (27 May 1947-17 August 1967) Chu Lai VietNam.

The Wall by Kathy Best Brosky

Was it so long ago we huddled and listened to booming voices
Making grown up choices
That took you there
And left me here
Tears rolling goodbye
Okay, okay we made a pact
We’ll grow older and he’ll be back
But just for now pretend
He’s around the corner
Behind a tree
Dirty faces – bare feet – spindly arms and legs
You’ve grown older
You’ve been a soldier
No need to grieve
In my little girl’s world of make believe
I simply put you back around the corner behind a tree
I turned my face and covered my ears
So in my head you lived all these years
I’ve let you be safe and living
In a world only I can see
The Wall brought you home to me
Frozen in time on that shiny black granite
Instead of in my mind
Vision is blurred tears bittersweet
Spotlights and the irony of Christmas lights
Reflected on the glassy wall
Tonight I find you among the rows
I reach out and touch you
I press my face to the cold black stone
When at last the stone has warmed
Randy Lee Taylor
Is stamped on my cheek as well as on my heart
Tonight I went to the Wall and I cried.

@2015 Kathy Best Brosky

for Sam Edwards


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