A Little Bit of War by Jennifer Nichols

A Little Bit of War by Jennifer Nichols

Image Courtesy of Jennifer Nichols

“A Little Bit of War” – my brother Randy called me Little Bit…..”

The curls around my face fell soft
My smile mirrored your own
Just go to sleep now, Little Bit
and I will soon be home

I dreamed of blackness thick with stench
Drenched in sweat and fear
The voice yelled out, “who goes there?”
You’re bleeding on the jungle floor

Elephant grass weighted heavy
From the Helicopter
Crimson fluid cradled in your brother’s lap
Then suddenly you were here

Your arms reached out
And wiped away my tears
Don’t you cry, Little Bit!
There’s nothing more to fear

Rows of anonymous white headstones
Evenly spaced. Obedient soldiers
That fucking war.

@2015 Jennifer Nichols

for Sam Edwards


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