Transparency in Intuition by Echo Morse

Transparency in Intuition

Spoken towards my creation
As if one has preconceived what be established
Beneath every undiscovered closet and hallway in my attic
Fastened into the thick obscurity of my ever boundless n’ wandering theorization . . .

Synchronously occupying a nuance
Evincing that of my taken soul?

Kneel not – for I am no man’s distortion

 I will strike you.

                                                                  (In search for peace)

©Echo Morse 2015


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Echo Morse is an accomplished musician who has been playing shows all around St. Louis, Missouri since the age of 14.  Along with his penetrating love for music he shares a passion for his art and poetry, aspiring to soon bring all of his talents to simultaneous fruition as an accomplished traveling-touring musician, artist and tattoo artist, poet and author, and later a teacher.  Echo’s mysteriously profound writings are raw and torn straight from the soul.

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