Rimbaud’s Leg by John Garmon

I carried him through lonely times
Down through valleys of dead soldiers
When I stood beneath his torso
Ready to stay strong for him
Not sure where he would take me
Through his wandering years
Walking on bridges across furious rivers
Down side streets into unknown alleys
I felt the perverse pain of his travels
Knowing he trusted me completely
As he did my companion his other leg
We took him through stormy seas
Through provocative situations
Always sharing and feeling his lovers
Their exquisite caresses teasing
The space where delicately moving hands
Lifted me wholly where he stepped
Trusting him more than a bridegroom
Through numerous fragments of his life
I delivered a sense of completion
An awareness of our happiness together
With my brother his other leg always
Both of us ready wild and voluptuous
As he was driven to find what he wanted
All of his fantasy images drove him
With his bohemian lines scrolling out
In foreign estuaries of stunning love
Enjoyment of his laughter and insight
Blue eyes and bateau shoulders
Eager to discover a scandalous lover
Then he had to leave me sadly here
Where I stayed alone but he felt me
For all the crippled days he had left
On the crutches he cursed
I stayed with him in his memory
To the end of his brilliant poems

2014 John Garmon

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