people with terminal degrees working at Target by David Spiering

another poem caused by the sight of someone with a terminal academic degree working at Target

you could keep yourself out of trouble if you had an omniscient rudder to help you
foresee the consequences of your boat piloting skills through the dangerous currents

but you think you’re enfranchised enough with brains and good luck that you’ll be able to
crosscut those ripples
safely enough
to be unconcerned about the shark-suited crocodiles lurking below the water’s surface

your silver tinted viewfinder helps you forget they’re high end predators
just like you
and you’re in their territory
perhaps they’ll dump your boat and eat your ham sandwich and your potato chips
and you’ll have to stop treading water and hoping for rescue and learn how to swim

©David Spiering 2015


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Spiering’s been a creative writing student in the Faulkner School of hard knocks for about twenty years. Sol Books of Minneapolis published his full-length collection My father Gloves in 2010. He has several mss he’s preparing for submission for publication.



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