Then and now by Emile Whaibeh

you don’t say “Good morning”
and it’s been a while
since you last
poured milk and coffee
my big blue mug.
we talk
very little

every day
around noon time,
you’d call me out
of my room
and ask me
to light the old cooker
for you.
you’ve been always afraid of
this damn thing
will burn the whole house down”
you kept saying.

So we got rid of it,
and bought
a new stove,
though you don’t
call me
out of my
as often as you used to-

is it just me then
that misses
our old cooker?

@2015 Emile Whaibeh


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Bio: Emile Whaibeh is a 20 year-old Armenian Lebanese living in Lebanon. He is a pre-med student who is currently in the process of completing his BS in Medical Laboratory Sciences from the University of Balamand. Even though his future plans involve getting into Medical School and becoming a doctor, it never kept him away from writing poetry. Often asked to make a choice between sciences and literature, Emile never understood why a choice should be made. He believes that while sciences help us understand the world around us, poetry helps us create through syllables and words the world we always dreamed of. He also believes in the cathartic power of poetry. Medicine might heal the body; poetry heals the soul.


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