Ganymede by David Seth Smith

morning rain
flip the coin to
the other side
which brings
a glint of
bright silver over
tarnished copper
skim ice on mud
roll the coin on edge
through afternoon
where the late sun has thawed
last of the freeze at the
water’s edge
the shadow walking behind
passes through
runs ahead
spin the coin
motion slows
then comes to rest
and the world
stalls for the
time it takes
to form
more skim ice
this time
at the core
there is also molten rock
and they vie for
how many salt tears
an ocean on Ganymede
holds is determined
by how hard it rocks
still, there is
no friction there
just the smooth oscillation
of water suspended
whether to become
sea or salt
a cardinal sitting
at dusk
in camellias is
a red thing lost
among red things
glory that fades
by failing to
distinguish itself, a
poor man’s epiphany
like a series of
expendable gods
and as
you bargain
for the betterment
one ascends
another dies
others wait
in the wings
they are all
our djinn
the crescent moon rises
tarnished copper
over a glint of bright silver
the coin in mid-flip
make a wish
and call it
in the air

Copyright 2015 David Seth Smith

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