The Weather

by Sze-Leng Tan



We talked about the dreamy drizzles in England
We talked about the passionate showers in Malaysia
We talked about the faithful Monsoon
And the vicious tyrant called Typhoon

We talked about the wind and the surf of thin air
We talked about the freezing and violent downpour
We talked about the aggressive sun, the comforting sand
And the voluptuous embrace of the open sea

We talked and we talked and we talked…
On and on and on we walked.
But… what I want to talk about…
What I really want to talk about…
Is only about the weather…
Nothing but the weather.

We talked about the volatility of the temperature in Suzhou|
We talked about the persistent absence of Glasgow summers
We talked about the playful Flurry
And the dramatic diva called Blizzard

We talked about the faraway winter and the imminent storm
We talked about the teasing sleets and the rarity of hails
We talked about the insecurity of the attention-seeking lightning
And dry spells, wet seasons and everything-else-in-between

We talked and we talked and we talked…
But… what I want to talk about…
Is only about the weather…
Between you and me.
Tell me, or rather,
Is there a possibility?

©Sze-Leng Tan 2015



Sze-Leng Tan is an academic, traveller and writer of poems, personal travel essays and short stories.  Her travel essay was featured in ‘DIG Travel Magazine’ and ‘Hackwriters’.  Her short story was recently published in ‘The Anthill’.  Her poems were published in ‘The Malaysian Poetic Chronicles’ and will be featured in the fall issue of ‘Aji Magazine’ which will be out in November 2015.


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