The Killer Taunts

by Colin Dodds


Illuminating upward, the sun’s last rays
Grasp at the strings of cloud turned gray.
Traffic is lazy tonight.
There’s boredom in the traffic light.
And still, the killer taunts,
Worse, it seems, than he once did.
He says there’s something he wants,
Something he’s wanted since he was a kid.

But the thing he wants, he can not command.
The world, despite him, continues to stand.
He watched the cabs and cops—
American cars with lights on top.
While for us, the most reassuring news
Is that our beloved bomb is just an endless fuse.

So how will the homeowners resist?
Whose dreams have been so caution-kissed,
Whose yawp heaved, but weaved itself
Into the jungle of jingles in their stomachs.
The killer skipped among buildings disemboweled,
Spilled from their foundations, each and all.
The sun shone through the broken walls.
And fortune howled.

©Colin Dodds 2015

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