Limon sans Merci 2015~

by Sy Roth

Limon sans Merci 2015

Back-lotted those beings

In a director’s cut–

Eaten conversely by the darkness,

Slogging shadows in a Bethlehem march,

Above those inversely slaloming knee-deep in detritus

And stagnant waters

Green ooze swirling around their bare ankles

Swollen bellies burgeoning

Fireworks of the new breed.

Their beings coifed behind the façade.


Silent passengers tut-tutting as their hungers gnarl at them.

Ship tooting in the warm waters

A princess swathed under the tropical sun.

Cold towelettes await them

With sips of icy-cold water.


Diners troll before the façade,

Manet pretenders strolling with parasols in the afternoon sun

Lords of their present.

They erase memories of the beasts beyond

Over their rainbow an ocher-yellow, pink set

Like a Bronx faux hides the minions

Cradled in their gray poverty.


The harbor bustles with their hunger

Drawn into a t-shirt vortex

Snapshots of an unreality

Through a line Indian totems

Marked ingloriously with their glyphs

A token semblance

Actuality milled from the air

A craven feast for their appetite.

A delight.


Blacks gulls aborning

Missionaries from the other side

Their flapping wings a jungle beat

Cawing, a cry from the other aside.

The movie set a monument

On the other side,

Lethe and hunger.

©2015 Sy Roth

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