I Witness the ruin of Youth by Dai Akaboshi

I Witness the ruin of Youth by Dai Akaboshi

I Witness the ruin of Youth
I witness the ruin of youth,
Soon every boy and girl is going
To be nothing but the sameness
Or the boring similar creature
Only fed by misguiding cultures
And parents with no soul and no will
To raise kids dearly.

These boys and girls learn to be sneaky
Or they have to because
Soon, some of them are aware that
Everything about their lives is going to
Be sour on their tongues
Like parents tired unclean jackets.

I witness the death of youth,
Teachers don’t care anything, believe
That the kids actually can learn and
Ruin their youth, complaining
About their limited salaries.
And they don’t realize how important
Their jobs are.

I witness some kids in the basketball
Court in the park, not going to school,
Sitting next to each other and texting all day long
While they ruin and never get the true
Meaning of friendship and socializing,
Too busy with their cell phones, too busy ruin their youth.

© 2014 by Dai Akaboshi



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Dai Akaboshi is an experimental writer from Japan but lives in New York City. He writes poetry, prose, play, short screenplays, and so forth. He strongly thinks English is the best language for literature, and hopefully he can be a part of the community.

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