Maybe? by H. Thomas McNally


Maybe I’ll hear his voice,
Maybe I’ll see his smile,
Maybe I’ll smell his flesh,
Maybe I can explain,
But I’m not too certain,
I’m not too certain he cares.
My soul feels,
My flesh functions,
My heart loves,
He showed me.
Maybe I can explain,
but It’s not too clear,
It’s not too clear he cares.
His words caressed,
His smile brightened,
His body healed,
Maybe I can explain,
but I’m not too sure,
I’m not too sure he cares.
My lies scarred,
My sneer seared,
My organs lied,
In regret.
Maybe I can explain,
but I’m not too convinced,
I’m not too convinced he cares.


©2014 H. Thomas McNally



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Bio: Growing up in New York City, one of the cultural centers of the world, exposed me to the foremost styles in fashion, art & music. Between the 80’s street artists, the 90’s club-scene, the city’s various museums, and the global viewpoint of New York , my exposure to the avante-garde from an early age left a lasting impact on my sense of style & my tastes in music. H. Thomas McNally

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