Sometimes you are by Dai Akaboshi

Sometimes you are by Dai Akaboshi

Sometimes you’re so beautiful
But at other times, you’re so
Ugly and mean.

Sometime you can be quite warm,
But at other times, you’re very
Cold in the winter.

Sometimes you can cry for a
Long while but other times
You’re so dry.

Sometimes you put a makeup,
Very colorful, the rainbow
Eyebrow but other times,
You’re simply just blue.

Sometimes you have visitors,
Like lonely birds flying
Aimlessly or
The machines that imitate
What bird can do at ease
But other times, nobody watches
You, nobody visits you.

Sometimes, you’re dark
But other times, you’re
So bright.

When I was a kid because
I wanted to reach your blue skin.
So I grew quickly and
As I got older, I barely looked at you.
I’m sorry, my old best friend.
Today I’m a kid again I see
You better.

I didn’t know that I already
Touched you, faced you.
But I was too young to
Realized that
I already have you as the
Best friend.
Hello my dearest Sky

©2014 by Dai Akaboshi



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Dai Akaboshi is an experimental writer from Japan but lives in New York City. He writes poetry, prose, play, short screenplays, and so forth. He strongly thinks English is the best language for literature, and hopefully he can be a part of the community.


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